All programs, whether done via CCFOC or CCCDC, are open to all individuals in the community regardless of religious beliefs, serve a secular purpose, do not require participation in prayer, worship, or other religious activities as a condition of receiving services offered and do not use the individual donation or resulting match for religious purposes.

  • Training in LIfe skills, soft skills, job readiness, work maturity

  • Provide mental, physical initiatives including heatlhy eating, health screenings, monthly emphases

  • Financial assistance for prevention of eviction, utility cut-off, prescription assistance for elderly and the indigent

  • Provide free support for summer learning programs for both literacy and numeracy for secondary education, tutoring, college readiness workshops, provide academic and non-academic support services for Simmons College of Kentucky (HBCU) first-generation college students.

  • Financial literacy, training (workshops on credit and home ownership)

  • Annual summer youth development camp initiative , youth mentorship program

  • Connecting youth and young adults with senior citizens for service learning opportunities, knowledge exchange such as cooking, technology, life coaching, etc.

  • Building a consortium of youth who cultivate their musical and theatre capacities through peer-to-peer interactions

  • Collaborating with EmpowerWest, Simmons College of Kentucky, West Louisville Forum, and other empowerment organizations that advocate for the black community (American Descendants of Slavery - ADOS), the poor, and other marginalized communities with Louisville and beyond.

  • Equip families with networks and resources to encourage upward mobility through education, support services, financial literacy, and economic empowerment.